128 129 RIX INDUSTRIES O ver the last 140 years, RIX Industries has evolved and excelled to earn its repu- tation as the leader in American-made compressor technology. In business since 1878, RIX has been proudly serving the U.S.Armed Forces for more than 120 years, and specializes in applying oil-free technology to high-pressure appli- cations and other highly demanding environments. Innovative products include a wide range of pneu- matic energy storage and transfer system solutions. RIX is built on trust,experience,and a solid base of repeat customers–domestic and international. Clients include industrial gas companies,refineries and chemical plants,offshore oil platforms,OEMs,and government agencies,making RIXa global player in homeland defense and industrial innovation. RIX industries PROVIDING COMPRESSOR SOLUTIONS SINCE 1878 AT A GLANCE RIX INDUSTRIES WHAT: Manufacturer of pneumatic energy storage and transfer system solutions WHERE: Headquarters in Benicia, California WEBSITE: