46 47 can improve. It’s done a lot for us.” Werner Electric is also celebrating their eighth year in a row as a TopWorkplace in the Minneapo- lis market.To this, Granley remarked,“Recently, I got to hear the CEO of Workplace Dynamics–one of the survey companies we use.They survey 44,000 organizations across the U.S. in everymajor mar- ket -over 14 million employees.He said there are three emerging trends when it comes to compa- nies attracting the next generation of talent. First: Direction and vision–the employees knowwhere the company is going, and they feel good about it. Second: Opportunities - companies allowing folks opportunities to growwithin their role.Third: Appreciation. So, that’s what we’re seeing from the research, andwe’re learning from that and taking what we can tomake our companybetter.” opment in emerging technologies.According to Gran- ley,“Solar hasmade a huge jump inMinnesota.Pairing solar with battery storage lowers the cost per kw.We focus on helping our contractor customers navigate the technologyand installation challenges,and our EnergySolutions Director sits on industryassociations to help other distributors.”Asizeable investment has beenmade in solar gardens in the community.In fact, as part of a solar garden project onWerner Electric’s roof,companyemployees are given first chance at subscribing to offset their utilitycosts. So,what’s on the horizon for this innovative, tech-savvycompany? Farrell predicts,“For 2018,it’s all about service.Interfacingwith customers; building a larger portfolio; growing significantly; investing in technical resources and automation that will give our customers the capability to improve their businesses. The biggest differencewill be online,but our culture will stay the same,in terms of our approach to the importance of having digital technologyand services.” Granleyconcurs.“In the next five years,we’ll be focused on investment in e-commerce,having it inte- grated in all aspects of the business.Not an electronic storefront…digital integration–a holistic360-degree experience for our customers.” Werner Electric recently received theAD (Affiliated Distributor) Electrical BestWorkplaceAward 2017.In his acceptance speech,Granleygave his insights on the importance of open communicationwith employees. “We are intensely focused on feedback from our employees, and the process we’ve instituted with a third-party survey is massive. Being able to see how, in the beginning, new employees from sixmonths to two years are excited, then they start to fade off. Having data about what excites them,where they think the company’s headed, their biggest concerns, it’s unbelievable. I have over a thousand employee comments from last year’s survey.My leadership team reads through every single one. So,we under- stand what’s going on in the company, and howwe PREFERRED VENDORS n Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. www.leviton.com Leviton is the largest privately held manufacturer of electri- cal wiring equipment in North America. It produces electrical light sockets, receptacles and outlets, switches, dimmers and other lighting control systems, wire, power cables, power cords, wall and ceiling occupancy sensors, wall plates, datacom, and other electrical products. Leviton is most famous for its Decora wall switch, the flat low profile form factor which replaced the standard toggle switch in many homes and offices. Leviton currently has operations in more than 85 countries on 6 conti- nents, and employs approximately 6,500 persons. Its products include over 25,000 devices and systems. n Rouzer Group www.rouzer.com n Hoffman Enclosures www.pentairprotect.com/hoffman WERNER ELECTRIC VENTURES, LLC ELECTRICAL TOOL & FASTENER MANUFACTURER’S REPRESENTATIVE RESULTS. RELATIONSHIPS. RESOURCES. We strive to be a value leader; dedicated to the mutual success, trust, and satisfaction of our employees, principals, and customers. WWW. ROUZER .COM HEAT DESTROYS ELECTRONICS HOFFMAN COOLS AND PROTECTS FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT PENTAIRPROTECT.COM/HOFFMAN