42 43 WERNER ELECTRIC VENTURES, LLC customers newideas and opportunities that improve their business.Their teams of highly trained and experienced automation,clean energy,lighting,and construction personnel workdiligentlywithmanufac- turers to provide complete solutions and services from beginning to end. Seven branches currently serveMinnesota and Wisconsin from locations in Cottage Grove,La Cres- cent,Mankato,Owatonna,Rochester,and St.Cloud, MN and Eau Claire,WI.In an exciting nod to future success,Werner Electric recentlybroke ground on a 23,400-square-foot facility in the La Crosse (MN) International Business Park; relocating the La Crescent branch.Noting that the upgraded facility is away to serve customers even better,Werner ElectricPresident Ben Granley says,“With the continuous growth of our business,we see this as a good opportunity to invest in a larger footprint to support the local market.”The new buildingwill be twice the size of the previous location and eventually increase employment by30 percent. Construction is scheduled for completion this summer. Since Granley tookover as President five years ago, the companyhas doubled in size,thanks to the addi- tion of newmarkets,newproduct lines,and increas- ing the already strong existing customer base.The expanded flagship facility in Cottage Grove is the hub that oversees operations.John Farrell,VPof Sales& Marketing forWerner Electric,describes the company’s diversified growth.“Historicallywe’ve been the leading player and very successful growing and developing our businesswith industrial,food and beverage,oil and gas, andOEMcustomers,and our growth continues to out- pace themarket in these areas.Over the past 10 years, we’ve focused on growingwith our large,medium, and small construction customers.That has been very successful,too.We’re also focused on growth outside of traditional distributor markets–we’re a leader in solar and have dedicated teams working on emerging and innovative technologies andmarkets.” Granleyadds,“We’re in a goodmarket and serve as the largest single private regional entity in our space. We’re seeing heavygrowth in construction because manymembers of our teamused to be in construction. Our value in technological expertise is high and sets us apart on industrial automation in the segments we serve.For example,we’re looking forward toworking hand in handwith specialists in adaptive robotics. Compared to other distributors,we invest more heavily in tech solutions for customers.Our accountsman- agers work closelywith customers.Not just selling products,selling solutions.”Long-term relationships have contributedmuch toWerner’s success; in particu- lar,Rockwell Automation since 1935. Personalized customer service guarantees satis- faction,whether it’s good,old-fashioned,face-to-face assistance or online ordering and customized account management.As anAllen-Bradleyauthorized distrib- utor,Werner’s highly skilled automation group stays up-to-datewith this fast-paced industrybyparticipat- ing in regular training direct from the leader in auto- mation technology.Werner’s automation specialists then provide customers with informational seminars HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Did you knowthatWerner Electricprovided materials&components used inside U.S.Bank Stadium?Theyare proud to be part of this state-of-the-art facility that hosted this year’s Super Bowl LII inMinneapolis!