208 209 THE STARK AREA REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY STARK AREA REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY THE SAFE, RESPONSIVE, AND DEPENDABLE T he Stark Area Regional Transit Author- ity (SARTA) is a public sector transit agency servicing Stark County, Ohio, which contains the cities of Canton, Al- liance, and Massillon, among others. Its mission is to provide a quality transportation system with reliable services and programs to individu- als, seniors, veterans, commuters, students, and the disabled, providing access to work, school, medical appointments, shopping, and more. SARTAwas formerly known as the Canton Region- al Transit Authority,which was established in 1971. It changed its name in 1997,when it expanded its service to include the entire county. SARTA transports approximately 2.7 million riders a year on fixed routes, as well as its pa- ra-transit, or demand-response transportation system. It has about a hundred buses in its fleet