178 179 SELF-STORAGE SATISFACTION STORAGEMART S elf-storage leader, StorageMart makes its mission clear to customers right up front: “We know there are a lot of plac- es you could store.Our goal is to be the place that brings you peace of mind and keeps you happy, no matter what your storage need or moving circumstance.We aim to provide the cleanest storage space with the friendliest service. If we fail to live up to your expectations, your next month of storage is 100 percent free.No strings or fine print–we want you to be completely satisfied with your storage experience.” Cris Burnam, President of StorageMart, has been working in the self-storage industry since 1987, as part of his family’s storage business. Today, Burnam oversees all aspects of the or- ganization, with a strong focus on long-term planning and goal setting. Soft spoken, knowl- AT A GLANCE STORAGEMART WHAT: Self-storage facilities group WHERE: Headquarters in Columbia, Missouri WEBSITE: www.storage-mart.com