106 107 SPRING-GREEN LAWN CARE F ounded in 1977, Spring-Green Lawn Care, based in Plainfield, Illinois, delivers both traditional and organic lawn and tree care services to residential and commercial properties through a network of locally owned and operated franchises. Its services include fertil- ization,weed and disease control for both turf and trees, as well as aeration, overseeding,mosquito control, and other regionally appropriate services. “When the company was founded 40 years ago, it had its roots in franchising from day one,” says President of Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp., James Young.“It also maintained a portfolio of compa- ny-owned franchises.One of the things that the founders felt was important was that they had their own ‘sandbox’ to understand what it meant to scale an operation and to test new services, products and processes. This local environment gave them some practical knowledge of the business itself so that they were not just relying on franchise owners to see how it worked, and it remains true today.” Over the years, Spring-Green has grown both organically through territory expan- sion and by the addition of new franchise owners.Today, there are Spring-Green franchises in 26 states, divided into 143 AT A GLANCE SPRING-GREEN LAWN CARE WHAT: A lawn and tree care services company WHERE: Plainfield, Illinois WEBSITE: www.spring-green.com