Civil and Municipal - Mar 2023

94 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 12 Fueling Safe and Thriving Communities TAYLOR , TE XAS Samsung’s 2021 announcement that they will be building a new semiconductor manufacturing facility in Taylor has been the source of much excitement at the city and state levels. “That is the largest foreign direct investment in Texas history, and it will end up probably being one of the largest economic development deals in US history,” relays Yantis. “Initially, their announcement was to build one fabrication unit, and then subsequently, they announced that they were going to plan for the potential construction of nine additional fabrication facilities in Taylor. It’ll end up being over a $200 billion total investment in the community.” This has spurred a flurry of planning, as Yantis adds, “That has established the framework for the city’s economic development for years to come. Having sort of landed the big fish, the focus is to work to attract a lot of ancillary businesses that are related to Samsung being in Taylor.” With the goal of attracting businesses who play a role in semiconductor manufacturing, the city is also working to get the land ready, so construction of new facilities can coincide with Samsung’s timeframes. “In addition Affordable, reliable, and efficient energy is a key driver of our economy and essential for thriving communities. Atmos Energy is committed to safely delivering natural gas that helps lower carbon emissions while providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions. We partner with customers and suppliers to apply innovative technologies that deliver the ultimate in energy efficiency and reliability, in addition to helping you meet environmental goals. As part of our commitment to Fueling Safe and Thriving Communities, Atmos Energy and Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County partnered to build a natural gas-powered zero net energy (ZNE) home that showcases the reliability and affordability of natural gas. This ZNE home, dedicated to the Molock family in early 2022, demonstrates significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions by producing as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year. It features a rooftop photovoltaic solar system, high efficiency Energy Star natural gas appliances, top-rated insulation and windows, and other advanced weatherization features. “Affordable housing starts with affordable energy, which is an essential ingredient needed to support the rapid business and residential growth in central Texas,” said Darwin Stamport, Atmos Energy vice president of marketing. For more information, visit