Civil and Municipal - Mar 2023

57 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3 approach. We have regulations that are in place in terms of construction, in terms of how much green space you have to have, how many trees you have to plant, the solar indexes that you’ve got to have on roofing- but we’re also looking at the entire built environment, to preserve the native plantings, the green space, the beauty, at the same time that all this development is going on.” As part of the climate resiliency effort, Brevard has installed EV charging stations throughout the community, and police are using bicycles on city paths. Copelof asserts, “We’re very aware of the environment. As mayor, I’m responsible for six miles of Mother Earth, and it’s not just the 8000 “These are all very strong partnerships that we have. Of course, we are partnered constantly with all of the various entities,the different stores, the artists, all of the community events that we do in town,” she says. Non-profit group Conserving Carolina is another important relationship for Brevard, who, along withFriends of the Ecusta Trail, have acquired an additional 34 acres of the Bracken Preserve to further develop an existing mountain bike trail. Located in an area where rainfall is a major challenge, Brevard is working to address water management,adding permeable pavers to the built environment and introducing native plantings to reduce water usage. As for sustainability, Copelof maintains, “We are using a multi-pronged BREVARD, NORTH CAROL INA