Civil and Municipal - Mar 2023

22 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3 “We work closely with the Department of Natural Resources— not just here, in Oshkosh, but also with our townships in the surrounding area—to ensure that everyone’s adhering to MS4 permitting, and adopting new initiatives to keep our waterways clean and clear,” Rathermel says. “We know we can tackle future developments because we’ve done the pre-work of preventing contaminants and creating safe filtration systems. Those are really key ways that we’re trying to protect our environment here.” Piggybacking on the traction of green growth policies and the interconnectedness of climate issues with economic ones, Oshkosh has also made solar power energy systems a permitted use in all of their zoning. “No matter where you are in the city, solar is allowed,” Rathermel confirms. “4imprint, a promotional products supply company, did it. They took a portion of their unused property and converted it into a 20-acre solar farm to be able to further power their distribution center. I think they’re powering the majority of their buildings with solar now. I think it’s really forward- thinking of the city to say, ‘Solar isn’t something you have to come and get special.’ You just need your regular permits, regardless of what type of infrastructure you’re talking about.” With the launch of its new ad campaign ‘Everything but Ordinary’, Oshkosh is further leaning into its reputation as a natural, outdoor haven and an agreeable place to live, play, and work. “We’re trying to showcase some of the cool, crazy things you can do on the lake, from ice fishing to sturgeon spearing, to floating on a tiki boat,” says Albright. “Our lakefront dining, our riverwalk—just so many ways to access the water, even if you’re not a ‘water’ person.” “I think the campaign will really help us with recruiting and attracting people to live here in Oshkosh,” Rathermel says. “This is the culmination of years and years of careful planning—of putting things right into place. 2023 is when we start to see those dominoes fall and really build from that momentum.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n University of Wisconsin Oshkosh n Greenfire