Civil and Municipal - Mar 2023

105 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3 EFFINGHAM, I LL INOIS Workforce attraction means the availability of housing options, and this is top of mind in Effingham, where there are several residential developments underway. “Like many other communities, we have a workforce shortage. We need more workers, and along with that, we need more housing,” conveys Hull. “We are looking at adding a housing component into our enterprise zone. So, we would offer real estate tax abatement and sales tax exemption on building materials that would be utilized in trying to spur more housing development, both multi-family and single-family. That’s in the works, we have submitted our application to the state. We are just waiting for final approval.” One development currently bringing additional housing is Golden Fields, in the city’s north end, which will add more single-family homes and an apartment building in the next year. Accommodations for guests to the city are plentiful, and with 16 hotels currently, Effingham will soon add one more, a Hilton Home 2 Suites, which will be under construction this spring. For a community of its size, Effingham also has a range of dining options, with 65 restaurants catering to a variety of tastes. All of these hospitality features are paramount to Effingham’s intention to market the city as a Midwestern Getaway. The many events throughout the city are also part of this initiative, including two live music festivals at nearby Lake Sara. “Both of them are growing each year. We have Moccasin Creek festival every June and that’s kind of an Americana music festival, super family- friendly, and then Summer Sundown Music Festival, which is in August September each year,” shares Jodi Thoele, Director of Tourism. “Poss Music Works is a not-for-profit music group that is bringing a lot of live music to the area. It’s family-friendly, it’s convenient and it’s got a nice intimate feel to it, yet they’re bringing in acts here, that in a few years, you will see on the main stage all over the world.” The Effingham Artisan Fair is a great event,