Business View Civil Municipal - July 2023

78 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 4, ISSUE 7 Group P6 also tops the list of new residential developments gracing downtown Boca’s skyline. “Their most recent project is Royal Palm Residences which consists of 48 units, over half of which have already been sold. Infrastructure improvements are also top of the mind for the city. “The Glades Road I95 interchange has been upgraded by the Florida Department of Transportation. These types of infrastructure improvements increase the ease and flow for commuters and improve traffic patterns,’ she adds. “It’s all about smart growth,” Del Vecchio notes. “There’s something to be said for continuously reinvesting in infrastructure improvements. It allows the city to grow while maintaining quality of life.” A ‘bright’ future ahead Looking ahead, Boca Raton is poised to welcome an influx of residents, companies and tourists. With key infrastructure in place, a thriving corporate community, a bustling downtown, and impressive commercial interest, connecting to the future looks ‘bright’. As Del Vecchio summarizes, “Boca Raton has it all.” “I have the best job in economic development. Once corporate leadership comes to Boca, they see the unparalleled lifestyle it offers, couple that with the low tax rate and you can see that Boca Raton practically sells itself.” she concludes.