Ice RIver Springs

ICE RIVER SPRINGSWATER COMPANY Ice River Springs CHANGING THE WAY YOU SEE BOTTLEDWATER Water Company “T here is some negativityaround the environmental impact of bottled water and other beverages packaged in plastic,”muses SandyGott who, alongwith her husband,James,started the Ice River SpringsWater Com- pany,“but we have a solution.We are reusing post consumer beverage bottles in a closed loop system; so this is a healthybeverage in an environmentally friendlypackage.” It all began in 1995,when the Gotts acquired a propertywith an abundance of pris- tine springwater. “Up until that point in time, we had a number of small businesses,mostly farm related,” Gott continues.“We had beau- tiful springwater and got into the business of supplying tanker loads of springwater toToronto. Because our sourcewas listed on the labels,we started to receive calls frompeople saying, ‘we’ve tasted your springwater andwe’d like you to bottle the water for us.’So,we startedwith a 5,000-square-foot building