BLYTHECO LLC BLYTHECO LLC SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES B lytheco LLC,with headquarters in Laguna Beach,California,is a full-service consulting firm that serves the small andmedium-sized business communitywith installation and configuration of software solutions,process analysis system reviews and customization,and variousmar- keting automation services.The companywas founded in 1980 by its CEO,Steve Blythe,a CPAwith experience fromPriceWaterhouse Coopers and Ernst &Young, and a recognized authority in the design,implementa- tion,and support of business software and accounting andmanagement reporting systems,such as ERP (En- terprise Resource Planning),CRM (Client Relationship Management),HRMS (Human ResourceManagement System),and PRM (Partner RelationshipManagement). “Back in the day,Steve discovered that he could automate some accounting processes,instead of doing them manually,andmake themgo a little bit easier,”saysApryl Hanson, Blytheco’s Head of Marketing.“He was one of the first beta testers and users of a software solution calledMAS 90,which is nowa product owned bySage and called Sage 100c.Hewas the veryfirst reseller of the product line. So,the start of our companywas,really, around having this desire to help companies automate their accounting processes.We continued to grow,add- ingmore solutions and expanding,based on the needs of the customers.” Today,Blythecoworks with over 5,000 clients in manydifferent industries,most of whomare distributors andman- ufacturers.In addition to its Cali- fornia headquarters,the company has offices inMinnesota,Colo- rado,Florida,Georgia,and South Carolina,and approximately110 employees in 26 states.“For us,it’s about the customer experience,” says Hanson.“We have custom- ers that have beenwith us since 1980 becausewe don’t consider ourself a one-time implementation house.What we reallyprovide is helping growing companies transform and change their technologies over time.Technology is not stagnant,and businesses are not stagnant.So, as a companygrows,it has solutions that might need AT A GLANCE BLYTHECO LLC WHAT: A full-service consulting and software implementation firm WHERE: Tampa, Florida WEBSITE: