T his year marks the 10th anniversaryof the formation of NAMEPA,theNorthAmericanMarine Environment ProtectionAssociation,an industry-led organization to protect the oceans,improve operating practices,and educate others on howtheycan participate. NAMEPAacts as a portal for industry,regulators,conservation groups,educators,and students to discuss strategies for protecting the oceans and ensuring sustainability. It also serves to educate seafarers,and port communities. What is little recognized by the general public is the role that shipping plays as the engine of global trade. More than 90 percent of theworld’s goods and energyare transported byover 90,000 ships. Further,the marine industry is themost environmentallybenign and efficient mode of transportation. As has been said, without shipping,half theworldwould starve and the other half freeze. Another aspect of this important industry that is poorlyunderstood is the intense regulatory framework under which it operates.The oversight body for the global shipping industry is the International Maritime Organization (IMO),a UnitedNations agencyheadquartered in London.Through the IMO,regulations are established for environmental protection,safetyat sea,design of ships,and thewelfare of mariners.This rigor- ous framework is implemented by the shipping community,and enforced byboth flag NAMEPA NAMEPA SAVING OUR SEAS