jarrett bay

J arrett BayBoatworks,based in Beau- fort,North Carolina,is a premier builder of customsport fishing boats. The companywas founded in 1986, and over the past three decades it has constructed and delivered over 90 sport fishing boats and serviced tens of thou- sands of vessels. Recently,BusinessViewMagazine spoke with CompanyFounder and President, RandyRamsey.The following is an edited transcript of that conversation. BVM: Can you talka bit about howand whyyou founded your company? Ramsey: “Mycareer actually started ear- lyon as a charter captain,running fishing trips.When I was a kid,I always wanted to be a charter fisherman.I was very suc- cessful doing that andwas actuallyone of the youngest licensed captains ever in the United States–I was licensed onmy JARRETT BAY BOATWORKS TRUE TO TRADITION