THE PIPELINE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION THE PIPELINE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION PLCA THE MAKINGAMERICA RUN BY ROBERT C. OSBORN PRESIDENT OF THE PIPELINE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION T he Pipeline Contractors Association (PLCA) was established in 1948. It currently consists of 86 regular members and 90 associate members. The regular members are contractors that provide labor and equipment to build natural gas & oil pipelines and facilities throughout the United States. This process is complimented by our associate members who supply goods and services to our contractors and owner companies. Last, but not least, we have our honorary members. Since our inception in 1948, the PLCA has been blessed with the ability to recognize our 105 honorary members for their dedication and loyalty. We are very proud of their contributions to the pipeline industry. The PLCA is based out of Dallas, TX, and has been since 1948. The day-to-day business is managed by Pat Tielborg, our Managing Di- rector and General Counsel. Mr. Tielborg has been leading our asso- ciation for the past 40 years. In fact, his pipeline career started on the Alaska Pipeline in the early 1970s. Pat is supported in his role by Elizabeth Cyr Worrell, Chief Legal Counsel, Kevin Barrett, Executive Director, and Kerrie Horn, Office Administrator. One of the purposes of the PLCA is to maintain the standards of the pipeline contracting business at a level necessitated by its profession- al character and to establish members of the association in the public