B lack Eagle Services is a Colorado-based provider of pipeline and facilities con- struction, fabrication, and maintenance services for its customers in the ener- gy industry. Recently, Business View Magazine spoke with Todd Erickson, Company Vice Presi- dent for Corporate Development. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation: BVM: Todd, can you speak a little about the origin of Black Eagle Services and its continuing evolution? ERICKSON: “The Company was started about 30 years ago, here in Berthoud, Colorado, by a fa- ther and two sons who were welders. They start- ed with a fabrication shop, fabricating things for the oil and gas industry – launchers and receiv- ers for pipeline, as well as pressure vessels. After doing that for a short time, they saw that there was also an opportunity in pipeline construction BLACKEAGLE ENERGY SERVICES AN INDUSTRY LEADER BLACKEAGLE ENERGY SERVICES