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much credit to a main stakeholder and partner, Bay
Future, a quasi-governmental agency that functions
as Bay County and Bay City’s economic development
arm. “We’ve gotten to a point, now, where it’s not the
city versus the townships, or the city versus the coun-
ty,” he insists. “It’s a cooperative effort. We realize that
wherever industry might go, whether it’s in the city or
just outside the city, that it benefits all of us. And we
are working closely through Bay Future and all the lo-
cal governmental agencies to enhance the economic
development throughout the entire Bay County area.”
Finally, Bay City’s City Manager restates the City’s
agenda in no uncertain terms: “The city is very, very
committed to good, positive economic development,”
he declares. “We are looking for companies that want
to come to a city that is very progressive and on the
move, and we’re always looking for any way that can
move us forward through networking and partner-
ships. Partnership is where government needs to go
and that’s where Bay City is proceeding in a rapid man-
Downtown Development Authority
Chemical Bank
– Chemical Bank – The state’s lead-
ing community bank since 1917, the Chemical Bank
of Michigan has 175 banking offices spread over 47
counties. It has assets of $9.5 billion and offers per-
sonal and business banking services, as well as wealth
management services for individuals, businesses, and
non-profits. -
Independent Bank
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