C VP (Customer Value Partners),of Fairfax,Virginia is a business and technologyconsulting company that helps its clients nav- igate change,overcome barriers and bottlenecks in their oper- ations and technologies,and prepare for the challenges of the future.“Wewere founded in 2003,”says GusVazquez,Vice President of Corporate Growth.“Our founder,Anirudh Kulkarni,was looking to bring a newmindset to consulting; to focus on strategic consulting,as well as operational consulting–helping organizations identify their strategic direction,as well as howthey focus on operational improvements.” “That led to our name,”Vazquez continues.“Customer Value Partners is really fromAnirudh’s vision–that wewould be a highly-focused,custom- er-focused organization.We ensure that everythingwe do provides value to our customers and that our customers viewus as their strategicpart- ner; someonewho is working to advance their overall goals as opposed to just coming in to generate revenue for ourselves.” In its earlyyears,CVPhoned its skills workingwith commercial busi- nesses,focusing on their operational strategies andmanaging and im- CUSTOMER VALUE PARTNERS NAVIGATING CONTINUOUS CHANGE LEFT: ANIRUDH KULKARNI, FOUNDER RIGHT: GUS VAZQUEZ,VICE PRESIDENT OF CORPORATE GROWTH