renamed it ‘Target the Mover.’ In 1921, the first truck was purchased.When George’s son-in-law, Alex Campbell bought the company in 1945, it consisted of two ‘modern’ moving vans. Two years later, he teamed up with his brother Doug. They changed the name to Campbell Bros. Movers, and bought more trucks. In the early ‘50s, Campbell Bros. joined North American Van Lines to provide service worldwide. Later, they switched to United Van Lines, which rose from the smallest van line in 1964 to the largest in 1980. The Campbell Group of Companies played a part in that growth. The Campbell Group is now the largest share- holder in United Van Lines, which has a market share of 40 percent of long distance moving. Alex Campbell passed away in 1986 and con- trol of the company passed to the next gener- ation; Don, Neil, and Vickie Campbell took full ownership. Amazing growth followed, as the company expanded locations and companies. Today, the Campbell Group includes 23 compa- nies and 10 owned buildings, with over 150,000 square feet of modern, palletized household goods storage; more than any other moving CAMPBELL BROS. MOVERS LIMITED company in Ontario. Campbell family members work hard with a trusted, long-term management team, and over 800 employees who are trained at company-owned facilities to offer the very best to customers. Donald Campbell, current President of Campbell Bros., talks about why this ‘forward-moving’ com- pany is high on Canada’s Best Managed Business list. Family pride and tenacity have a lot to do with it. “My great-grandfather started the com- pany in the 1890s in St. Thomas, Ontario with a wagon and a horse, basically hauling anything for anybody,” he begins. “He sold the company to my grandfather who took it from being a horse and wagon operation to trucks. He went through the Great Depression. I can tell you in talking to him that he had some interesting stories of the long-distance move between St. Thomas and Lon- don in the early days. It was a three-day trip with horses and buggies. And later, with trucks that were going 10 miles per hour. They thought the road was straight between St. Thomas and Wind- sor, but if you were to drive it now, you’d know it’s kind of like a snake going down there. AT A GLANCE CAMPBELL BROS. MOVERS LIMITED WHAT: Largest family-owned moving company in Canada; part of the Campbell Group of Companies WHERE: Headquarters in London, Ontario WEBSITE: