Maritime Paper Products Limited Partnership. Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia | New Brunswick | Prince Edward Island | Newfoundland | Quebec Does your business rely on corrugated boxes? Learn more at Our progressive structural redesign, efficiency audits, sustainable options, and multi-use technologies can change how you do business. | 1 800 565 5353 can afford to get into the relocation business. And most of the relocation people aren’t interested in going into what is a capital-intensive business; buying trucks, etc.” Campbell Bros. has a very import- ant partnership with The TD Bank – a comfortable, healthy relation- ship spanning more than 70 years. With the bank’s valuable assistance, Campbell Bros, has grown from a small family firm to a large one with a great reputation far and wide. They’ve just completed their third acquisition in the last few months; an ambitious undertaking. Combin- ing four different corporations into one could take a year or more to put the pieces together, but it’s well worth it in the end. Campbell looks forward to a suc- cess-filled future for the family business he and his forbears have put their heart and soul into. He acknowledges, “We’ve been going through a succession plan.Within the next year or two, the younger generation will be taking over re- sponsibility of the company. They have a number of ideas to expand upon, particularly taking the reloca- tion business into property manage- ment.We just obtained a significant contract about six or eight months CAMPBELL BROS. MOVERS LIMITED M05236 (0314) ® The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. TD Commercial Banking is proud of our relationship with Campbell Bros. which extends over 75 years. Congratulations on being recognized as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies! Congratulations to Campbell Bros. Movers Ltd. ago to manage property for a government corporation. It encompasses taking houses under management in an ongoing scenario; that’s a million-dollar contract, right there. And it’s just the beginning. I expect the re- location business is something we’ll spend more effort in growing. Also, the freight transportation segment will be an opportu- nity for growth as the economy improves. “That being said, five years from now I’ll be sitting next to the pool with a margar- ita in my hand, while the fifth-generation succession team leads Campbell Bros. into a bright and prosperous future. No doubts about it.” PREFERRED VENDOR n TD Canada n Maritime Paper Products