H ealthy in body, strong in spirit. This mantra forms the very essence of the Clean Juice brand. Delivering a true US- DA-certified, organic juice product in a kind and caring fashion to guests of all ages takes passion– something that husband and wife founders Kat and Landon Eckles have in abundance. Now, they’re looking for potential franchisees to help them share the health, wealth, and Clean Juice lifestyle across America. The Eckles started Clean Juice in 2014. At the time, Landon had spent years traveling internationally and was ready for a career change and more time with his fami- ly, and Kat had spent the better part of a decade making smoothies and juices at home. The idea of opening a juice bar made perfect sense. They embraced the concept one hundred percent, moved to Lake Norman, North Carolina, and opened their first location, Birkdale Village, on their 8th wed- ding anniversary– June 5th, 2015. CLEAN JUICE WHERE FRANCHISEES BECOME FAMILY CLEAN JUICE