targeted pet treats

We elevate brands through thoughtful, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions. 949-831-3900 | Does Your Packaging Rise Above the Rest? “We like to say that our product ismore dissolvable.We want tomake sure that the product is totallydissolved in the stomach and safe for the dogs.” TPT intends to be themanufacturer of choice for the canine dental caremarket.“Dental care for dogs has been an issue for years,andwe are seeing a lot of interest frommanybrands in producing a dog dental treat,”Austin reports.In fact,some 76 percent of dogs suffer fromsome level of dental disease,and con- sumers are becoming increasinglyaware that poor oral health in their dogs can be a sign of other more significant health issues.The dental products category is growing at double-digit rates yearly,and is expected to reach $1 billion by2020. “We’ve beenmaking pet treats since 2000,but have recentlyventured into toys,”Austin adds.“We have a couple of customers we areworkingwith to launch their toyproducts.Toys are a complementary item.If a brand has its treat beingmadewith us,they should make their toys here,as well,maybe even in the same shape as their treats.” TPTmakes its toys fromnylon and thermoplastic elastomers,also known asTPEs.TPEmaterials are a familyof polymers that combine the characteristics of rubber with the processing advantages of plastics. TPEs are flexible,rubber-likematerials that,after injectionmolding,can be stretched,gnawed,and bitten without permanentlydeforming the shape of the ob- ject.TPEmade products can also be customized to be very rigid and sturdyand are ideal for making pet toys and other products where durability is amust.TPT’s pet toys and plasticproducts are free of PVC,latex, metals,and phthalates. Over the last two years,TPThas invested $7million in capital equipment and facilityupgrades to expand its capacityand capabilities.The companyhas been TARGETED PET TREATS SQF Level Two-certified for eight years and counting.It has a full-service laboratory,qual- ified R&Dpersonnel,certifications to ship product on behalf of its customers to Europe, Canada,and the PacificRim,and it runs an environmentally responsible operationwith minimal scrap andwaste. Over the next several years,Austin says he would like to expand the toybusiness and cap- italize on themomentumof the dental care for dogs’market.“Andwewould like to thinkof away that we can help cat’s oral care,as well,” he adds.“Cats chewdifferentlyand they’re a littlemore finicky,as we know.In 17years,we haven’t cracked that code,yet.But Targeted is a fairlyyoung companywhich has cracked the code on food safety,cutting edge products,and great customer service.We do a great job.” PREFERRED VENDORS n AFB International AFB International, Inc. researches, develops, produces, and supplies pet food products, including dog and cat foods, treats, snacks and supplements, and liquid, dry, and specialty palatability enhancers. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri. It has offices, resource centers, and production facilities worldwide. AFB International, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of En- sign-Bickford Industries, Inc. n Excel Packaging Excel Packaging is your packaging team of experts that are dedicated to elevating your brand through thoughtful, sustainable, and innovative packaging solutions. We discovered that brands succeed when they can focus on what they do best and we can focus on the packaging for them. Our state of the art facility is FSSC 2200 certified and features leading technology to provide you the highest quality product.