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R ecently, Business View Magazine sent the following questions to the Honour- able Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infra- structure and Communities of Canada. The following is an edited transcript of Sohi’s responses. BVM: Please provide a history of the founding of the Ministry. Sohi: “Historically, the Government of Canada has been involved in infrastructure develop- ment as a nation-building exercise, investing in railways, canals, ports, highways, the St. Law- THE MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND COMMUNITIES OF CANADA THE MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND COMMUNITIES OF CANADA AN INTERVIEWWITH THE HONOURABLE AMARJEET SOHI rence Seaway, and airports. “Infrastructure Canada (INFC) was created in 2002 to make new investments, and be an important funding partner. The Department works with provinces, territories, municipalities, Indigenous communities, the private sector, and non-profit organizations, along with other federal departments and agencies, to help build and revitalize infrastructure that supports mod- ern, inclusive and diverse communities. “Infrastructure Canada now includes oversight of the New Champlain Bridge Corridor project in Montreal, Quebec; the Gordie Howe Interna- tional Bridge project; and Waterfront Toronto’s revitalization initiative. “We know that infrastructure investments by