Prescott Valley

retention and expansion.” In addition to the ease of doing business in Prescott Valley, Paredes says there are abundant opportunities for developers and companies looking for what he calls “plug-n-play” industrial land.“We have shovel-readybusiness park lots with utilities and infrastructure ready to go,”he states.“There are a num- ber of industrial parks in the area that theyare able to choose from.”Paredes adds that Prescott Valleyalso offers a pool of qualified andwell-trained employees from the area’s high schools,colleges,universities,and technical programs.And,as inHooper’s department, incentives are offered on the industrial side on a case bycase basis. In order to accommodate Prescott Valley’s explosive growth,Hooper reports that housing construction is booming alongside retail,commercial,and indus- trial development.“Right now,we have five,mas- ter-planned subdivisions that are at different stages of build out,”he says.“And the only thing that is slowing down the single familyhousing is that there is a bit of a national construction labor shortage issue.But we sawabout 470 newhousing starts,last year.We’re pro- jecting around 500 newsingle-familyhousing starts, this year.We have threemulti-familyunits,totaling about 550 units that will be opening.The permits were approved,this year,so,ideally,they’ll be phased in over the next two to five years.One of them is right in the middle of our central business district.” One company that has been building homes,com- mercial retail space and industrial centers in Prescott Valley for years is the Fain Signature Group. CEO, FAINSIGNATUREGROUP.COM LEASING | LAND SALES | BUILD TO SUIT | PROPERTYMGMT | MARKETING | THE ONLY LOCAL RETAIL DEVELOPER & COMMUNITY BUILDER PRESCOTT VALLEY, ARIZONA PREFERRED VENDOR n Fain Signature Group, LLC Brad Fain, talks about its presence in town: “The longstanding relationship the Fain family has had with the Town of Prescott Valley was established by my father’s handshake ethic back in the 1960’s and throughout his life.Today,we continue to live by that standard; that a handshake and commitment mean something as we work closely together with the Town to make the best life possible for residents and businesses of Northern Arizona’s fastest grow- ing community.Homestead Talking Glass, the Fain family’s newest residential development, is proof that working together with the Town can produce amazing results and an incredible life.This 214 unit apartment complex, complete with 1-2-3 bedroom units, is the region’s only opportunity to live afford- ably in a downtown environment.The apartments, in conjunction with the multiple commercial - retail - industrial development offerings to businesses that the Fain Signature Group provides, are a result of continuous collaboration with the community and Town leadership. Each day we pursue that vision my father had some 50 years ago as we continue to produce opportunity, shape a community and build a placewhere families can linger,creatememories and a bright future together.” “I also see a great need for hotels.We have lots of events in Prescott Valley,as well as a tourismscene that brings in visitors,”Hooper adds.“Our Prescott Valley Event Center,which is the home of theNorthernArizo- na Suns,the G-league basketball teamof the Phoenix Suns,is a big draw.We see an estimated 75,000 people per year that cycle through the Event Center,andmany of those come fromout of town and need places to stay.Andwhile there are hotels in town,theyare not able to provide enough rooms for all of the folks com- ing into the area. “All of that is to say that Prescott Valley is ripe and ready for new development.”