Chefs Cut Jerky

J erky has always been thought of as the ultimate gas sta- tion snack. But recently,with the rise in popularity of high- in-protein snacks, jerky seems to be available everywhere. Today, there are manyAmerican companies that make jerky,with combined annual sales totaling more than $1.5 billion.A recent newcomer to the domestic market is Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.,who’s CEO, Bart Silvestro, recounts its founding by a former executive chef and a semi-pro golfer: “Theymet on the golf course in Naples, Florida in 2008,”he begins.“After dealing with some health issues, Chef Blair Swiler decided to leave his corporate chef’s job and move to Naples with his wife where he began to caddy.While he was caddying, he met Dennis Riedel, another caddy,who was trying to qualify for the PGA tour, at the time.” Blair had grown up making jerky with his father, and had once lived five minutes down the road from a Jack Links Beef Jerky plant, an American snack company with facilities across the Midwest.“He made his own jerky for his friends and family to enjoy and continued to make it and share it with his friends on the golf course in Naples,”Silvestro continues.“It became a big hit, and Dennis badgered him to do something with it to CHEF’S CUT REAL JERKY CO. PREMIUM IN QUALITY – NOT IN PRICE CHEF’S CUT REAL JERKY CO. AT A GLANCE CHEF’S CUT REAL JERKY CO. WHAT: A manufacturer of hand- crafted jerkies WHERE: New York, NY WEBSITE: www.chefscutreal