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Better By Design
Woodside Homes’ bets in Las Vegas pay off
Although prices in the Las Vegas housing market have
become legendary, rising and falling like the fortunes
of a high-stakes gambler, the region is now one of the
hottest in the country as builders such as Woodside
Homes enjoy success with master-planned communi-
ties like Summerlin.
One of the reasons for this success is Woodside’s ap-
proach to homebuilding, which places great emphasis
on the buyers’ experiences as they navigate through
the morass of decisions that must be made when
purchasing a new home. What started as a unique
process to help home buyers select interior finishes
has expanded to all aspects of the company’s opera-
tions. “Our focus on making our customers’ choices
easy has fed the whole company ethos. Everything we
do is “Better By Design,” from helping customers find
the right financing to selecting the right finishes and
everything in between,” said Joel Shine, CEO.
The first step of the process involves taking a brief
questionnaire (it can be accessed online or filled out
in the sales office). The answers provide insight into
stylistic preferences: Classic, Eclectic or Contempo-
rary – which can then be used to guide home buyers’
choices throughout the entire design process. The
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