Pure Romance

P ure Romance is the nation’s largest and fast- est-growing,woman-to-woman, direct seller of relationship-enhancement and intimacy products, including: sex toys; bath, beauty and cosmetic products; creams, lubricants, and massage oils; lingerie; bedroom accessories; and gifts and jewelry. Key to the company’s business model are its in-home, Pure Romance parties in which its trained and certified sales consultants offer millions of women “education, entertainment, and empowerment,” according to company President and CEO, Chris Cicchinelli. “People buy people, people buy stories,”Cicchinelli declares.“You can buy produce at any grocery store; the difference is our people can showyou how to make a great meal out of it.”Currently,Pure Romance has over 23,000 active consultants across the U.S.,Puerto Rico,SouthAfrica, Australia,and Canada,who sell products to their friends,and Cicchinelli asserts that anyonewhowants to become a Pure Romance consultant needs to knowhowto tell a story. “It is a sales business and you have to understand, if you’re going to be in this business, you’re not just an order taker,”he states.“You’re not going to take somebody’s order and then the corporate office is going to ship it to them and then you’re going to get a check.You pre-buy your inventory before you go to the show.You do a one hour PURE ROMANCE AT A GLANCE PURE ROMANCE WHAT: A direct seller of relationship-enhancement and intimacy products WHERE: Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio WEBSITE: www.pureromance.com AN INTIMATE STORY