H undreds of years before settlers arrived, the land now known as the City of Wetaskiwin was home to the Plains Cree peoples. Legend has it, the peace pipe was smoked ‘acciden- tally’ there, by two young Chiefs whose tribes were at war.The name “Wetaskiwin” is Cree for “the hills where peace was made.” Indeed, the community today is a peaceful,welcom- ing haven in the midst of western Canada. Founded in 1892,Wetaskiwin is one of Al- berta’s oldest cities.The communitygrewquick- ly to become a town in 1902 and a city in 1906. While treasuring its past through restoration of historic landmarks and development of itsmu- seums,the cityhas a keen focus on progressive growth and sustainability. Dave Burgess relocated in 2016 fromMan- itoba to take on the role of Wetaskiwin City Manager, and since then has been heavily WETASKIWIN, ALBERTA ATTRACTIVE, PROGRESSIVE, AND SUSTAINABLE A L B E R T A