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TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF BUILDERS REPRESENTING LONE STAR STATE HOMEBUILDERS F ounded in 1946, the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) is an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), with 28 local home builders associ- ations and nearly 10,000 members across the Lone Star State. Rep- resenting over 509,000 jobs and more than $38 billion annually in the Texas economy, the state and local associations play a crucial role in providing affordable hous- ing for Texans. Home building in America grew dramatically after World War II, due to the increased demand from returning soldiers. This resulted in the creation of the National Asso- ciation, as well as many other local associations, such as TAB. Builders came together to work on common issues and to find common solu- tions for problems and challenges faced by the industry. Today, TAB represents home builders, remodelers, developers, and associate members who are local affiliates such as the Home Builders Association of Greater ASSOCIATION OF BUILDERS TEXAS